Tree Trimming Schedule

Date Palms will be trimmed starting the last 2 weeks of April.

Other trees will be trimmed starting in the first 2 weeks of May

Tree Trimming for 2019


As in the past, RPPOA has annually arranged for an independent, licensed, bonded and insured tree trimming service in order to assist you in meeting the Indian Wells city palm tree trimming ordinance.


Order Tree Service

If you wish to use this service, please mail an invoice copy along with a check for the full amount of the service. Be sure you check that the tree count and species are correct. If there has been a change, make the correction on the invoice and adjust the payment accordingly. Tree trimming starts about April 1 for Date Palms.  Trimming of Washingtonia and Queen Palms typically starts three to four weeks after the date palms.


Regardless of the types of palms on your property, checks for the service must be post-marked no later than March 15 and you MUST be a current dues paying member of RPPOA.


A line on the letter mailed to you is provided to include your dues payment if you have not yet done so.


Please make sure we have current contact information for you on the returned invoice. If your check is received too late, it may be returned as the price for the service increases due to increased growth of fruit and seed clusters on the trees beyond the scheduled trimming window.


Once Again Prices Have Not Increased This Year.

















Tree Trimming Times

Trimming will not necessarily be done all at the same time as Date Palms need to be trimmed earlier than the Queen and Washingtonia palms. If trimmed too early, they will re-bloom and require a second trim which is not included with this service.



RPPOA will make every effort to post an approximate schedule of the tree trimming service on our website but will not be responsible for variations in the schedule or damage to property as a result of the tree trimming service. It is your responsibility to ensure that you or another responsible party (gardener, etc.) move or protect vulnerable items such as roofs, pool machinery, exterior lighting, a/c units and furniture from damage as a result of falling branches and clusters. Make sure that trimmers have access to your backyard during the scheduled window of trimming dates and that pets are secured.



Regardless of whether you choose to take advantage of RPPOA’s tree service arrangements or arrange for services on your own, please be aware of the the following considerations.


1) The City of Indian Wells requires that all palms be trimmed by the end of July. Failure to comply will result in City enforcement and penalties to bring your property into compliance.


2) Compare your independent contractor to our service contractor. Our contractor, Prime Landcare, is licensed, bonded to $15,000, carries 5 million dollars in liability insurance, carries worker’s compensation insurance, and carries 1 million dollars insurance per vehicle used in this service.


3) Should your independent contractor not have these coverages, you could be personally liable for incidents occurring on your property related to tree trimming.


If you have questions regarding this service, please feel free to contact:


John Burton, RPPOA Tree Service Chairperson (951) 312-3173


Able Aranada, Prime Landcare


Date Palms - $75 each

Washingtonia - $55 each

Queen - $40 each

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